Innovation Center for Information and In silico Technology Knowledge Transfer – In silico Intellect

The main objectives of the Association “Innovation Center for Information and In-silico Technology and Expert Knowledge Transfe – In-silico Intellect” are:

  • Conducting fundamental scientific and applied research in the areas of information technology, bioinformatics, in-silico studies, computer modeling and simulation, high performance computing, big data, computer intelligence, promotion of science and research, computer networks and communication, IT for business management.
  • Design, development and implementation of new scientific methods, prototyping and technological innovations and advanced technologies.
  • Implementation of innovation projects, research, exchange of good practices with international participation and creating new resources in the areas of ICT, in-silico research, transfer of technology and expertise.
  • Promoting and participating in  joint activities and initiatives from various fields of modern science and industry to facilitate a competent and competitive Bulgarian society.
  • Development, organization and implementation of best practices in innovations, technology, education and social activities, as well as policies in these areas aimed at young people and all relevant social groups in society.
  • Organizing seminars, conferences, meetings and discussions with distinguished industrial representatives utilizing modern technology and innovation.
  • Creating opportunities to broaden the knowledge of modern computer technology and innovation to create, stimulate and implement innovative approaches in pharmacy, medicine and ecology.
  • Supporting training opportunities in the field of modern technologies and innovations at home and abroad
  • Establishing innovation, new teaching and learning methods in practice.
  • Preparation and implementation of projects that contribute to the sustainable development of Bulgaria
  • Investigation, development, evaluation and expert analysis of concepts and contributions on the issues of information and in-silico technology and expertise in Bulgaria, the Balkans, Europe and the world-wide.
  • Assistance to state and public structures to promote best practices in information and in-silico technology and expertise, implementation of promising theoretical achievements in public practice, enhancing the quality of work at all levels and subjects.
  • Support the creation and affirming standards in the conduct of research studies in the country.
  • Stimulating research and innovation in IT and in-silico technology in Bulgaria and providing opportunities for partnership with leading European and other research centers.
  • Assistance in establishing new independent entities (laboratories, research centers, etc.) and connecting them in a cluster using information technology to share skills, in-silico knowledge and technology and expertise.
  • Supporting cooperation between businesses, educational institutions, government agencies and similar non-government organizations working in the field of advanced technologies and innovation and their applicability in different areas of the industry.