Innovation Center for Information and In silico Technology Knowledge Transfer – In silico Intellect

Association “Innovation Center for Information and In-silico Technology and Expert Knowledge Transfer  – In-silico Intellect” is a non—government organization which efforts towards the development, improvement and achievement of qualitative higher level of science, theory and practice in the field of information and in-silico technology and expertise.

It is a voluntary association of persons active in science and research in the field of information and in-silico technology and expertise that is based on a community of interests of founders and their willingness to pool their efforts in the guidelines drawn from their program.

The main activity is related to:
1. Research, development, and commercialization of innovations and modern technologies as well as transfer of excellence in various fields of modern science and promoting them among young people and all relevant social groups in society.
2. The promotion, support and development of cooperation between companies, educational institutions, government agencies and similar organizations working in the field of advanced technologies and innovation and their applicability in different areas of the industry and increase the competence of their teams and the competitiveness of the organizations at national and international level.

Our team is built up of outstanding scientists and professionals in the area of  ICT, in-silico experimentation, molecular biology and the private industrial sector.